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The beauty of eternity

The beauty of eternity

The Vampire Diaries ()


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Which url you like the best? 

ravennass, queenofravens, queenofmidnight, poisonsivy, poisonlively, poisoncreys or rennerqueen?

Which url you like the best? 

wesleylicious, wesleyholics, wesleysqueen or dobsleylicious?

Saved urls 

I promised to do this weeks ago but I didn’t have time so here is the list finally. If you want to use one of my urls just ask me, I love all of them and they are just too good to be saved and not used so I’ll give them away only if you’re going to use them, not if you’re going to save them again.
However I’m not going to give all of them.. some are just too precious and I’m planning on using them in the future (mostly urls about paul, dobsley, defan) but if we’re friends or you have a really good url for a trade (without hypens) then I might think again. 

  • stelena-world
  • eternalstelena
  • loveisstelena
  • fuckyeahdobsley
  • fuckyeahnian
  • alwaysdefan
  • defandobsley
  • piandobsley
  • ohmydalaric
  • badassdalaric
  • telijah
  • kelenasboobs
  • delenary
  • defansbond
  • dobsleylicious
  • accio-forwood
  • iheartpaulwesley
  • fuckyeahwesleypaul
  • fuckyeahwasilewski
  • alwayspaul
  • vampirestefan
  • wesleysqueen
  • wesleylicious
  • wesleyholics
  • paulysfangs
  • sexysmolderholder
  • smolderholics
  • ariellekebbelss
  • ariellelexikebbel
  • ninasqueen
  • queenisnina
  • bitchypetrova
  • piercebloodlust
  • katsbloodlust
  • missdoppelganger
  • katherines-doppelganger
  • katsfangs
  • elenasvervain
  • damonsaviours
  • bloodlusts
  • mysticfallsdiary
  • laffertysqueen
  • haleslafferty
  • ashleybensonss
  • blakelivelly

I have a huge list of free URL suggestions that aren’t saved (yet) so if you don’t have any url ideas feel free to ask.

Which URL you like the best? 

ashleybensonss, blakelivelly, mischabartonss, laffertysqueen, blakelafferty, wesleylafferty, missskinnylove or loosingyourmemory ?

I need it for my other blog and I would really like to hear what you think or if you have any other suggestions :)

I’m going to give,borrow or trade some of my saved urls later. 

I don’t think it’s fair to save them all so I’ve decided to give, trade or borrow some of them cause I found my perfect url for now.

urls are mostly about tvd, stelena, dobsley, tvd cast, paul wesley, defan, ian, fuckyeah etc.

First I’ll see how many of you are interested and then I’ll make a list