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The beauty of eternity

The beauty of eternity

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My follow forever 

I’ve decided to do my follow forever before I go on hiatus so here is the list of blogs that I adore for several reasons

  • some of you are my really good friends, you know who you are so no need to point anyone out
  • some of you are my very first followers and I feel like I know you forever so you had to be on this list since we already follow each other that long
  • with some of you I haven’t talk much but if you’re on this list I obviously love your blog, things you post and I think you’re a wonderful person
  • and some of you make the most beautiful stuff and are just so perfect you had to be on this list

But all of you make my dash so pretty and all of you are special to me in some way so I just wanna thank you with this follow forever.

bassthatsalvatore / paulwesleyss / defansaviour / eternalsoulmates / onetrueslayer

somesley / datherine / stefans-elena / queenkelena / heystefan / missmysticsfalls

buffysalvatore / paulwesleyisgod / ilovepaulyteeth / iwillneverletgoipromise

dobsley / stelenafeelings / nabstew / theworldofrobsten / the-gilbert-diary

stelenacaskett / chunkiemonkeys / dalaric-s / paulsexlewski /nian-heaven 

fuckyeahloveisstelena / piercequeen / warriorpetrova / -wesleypaul / candy-accola

-damons / stelena-is-endgame / everythingistelenandnothinghurts / wesleysex

dobsleypassion / stelenaromance / desiresdelena / tony-starkked / ni-klaus

paulsex-ley / kelenaporn

jlaffertys / niansomerhalder / stelena / thequeenofdrama / paullipop

bloodlinespetrova / hi-paul / eternityofmisery

If I forgot anyone and I know I did, I’m so sorry, you probably changed your url but I will be updating this list every once in a while.